What is a request?

What is a request?

Clients can submit (if enabled) an appointment request, information change, or refill request from the PetPage App, Online Portal, or through the subsequent link if it is being used on your hospital website.

When a new request is received, a red dot will appear in the notification center () in the upper right-hand corner and an email will be sent to your general practice email address if you have specific requests enabled to receive emails in your notification settings (within the gearwheel). 
  1. You can also view a new request through the Requests tab () in the left navigation bar. 
  2. After clicking on the new request, you will be directed to view the form that was filled out by the client, to be handled appropriately. Clicking on the Requests tab will pull up a list of all requests submitted by clients that have not yet been archived.
For all practices using our Appointment Request forms, you will see options for Request Type on the Inbound Request:
  • New Client / New Patient Appointment

  • Existing Client / New Patient Appointment

  • Existing Client / Existing Patient Appointment

When a user is submitting an Appointment Request, we will use the email or phone number to confirm if they match a client in your system. If so, we will pre-populate the patient selection for the user to select, also including an “Add New Pet” option. If matched to an existing client, the client name will be blue on the client request page and we will label them as an Existing Client / Existing Patient or New Patient. We will also recognize a client as an existing client if they submit the request via the App or Online Portal. If we cannot match an email or phone number to the request, those will be submitted as New Client / New Patient Appointment requests.