About the Retention Calendar

About the Retention Calendar

The Retention Calendar (RC) is a tool that works with your PIMS (Practice Management System) to highlight any missing or inaccurate data such as medical reminders and client contact information. The RC will help you clean up your database and ensure your communications are reaching your clients while mirroring your PIMS schedule.

The Date Picker is shown on the left-hand side of your screen. This is a live, working calendar that defaults to today’s date. You can navigate forward or backward in the calendar, to view appointments and alerts on the selected date.

The Statistics Scorecard shows satisfied alerts for either Yesterday, This Week or This Month. This is a great way to keep track of how you’re doing working through the alerts.

Alert Type



Paw Print

There are other active pets in the household that are past due or coming due for services in the next 30 days. These pets do not have an appointment within the next 7 weeks.


There are active pets in the household that have 1 or no reminders in the practice management system. 


The client is missing or has an invalid email address.

Cell Phone

The client has not provided their cell phone number or it is not appropriately labeled in the PIMS.


The client has an invalid mailing address. The mailing address should match the USPS formatting.