Requesting user access

Requesting user access

User access is required to be able to log in to your AllyConnect account. There are a couple of different ways you can get set up with the correct user login and access level. 

During a Training/Kick off call with your AllyDVM Practice or Corporate Success Manager, the Veterinary Hospital Practice Manager, and those designated to make updates will be given a Full-Practice (Owner) - commonly known as an “admin user account.” (if applicable). To view the different types of users and different levels of user access, click here.

When a new user request is desired by the veterinary practice, contact AllyDVM Support ( - A new user account request will have to be emailed to support by one of the full access users in order to be created. If the person does not have the correct access level, Support will request that the owner of the admin user account reach out to make the request OR for that admin user to request a new Full-Practice (owner) user access for the person who is making the request. The request must include the potential user’s name and email address along with the associated veterinary practice(s) that is desired user access to.

Once approved and created, Support will follow up with an email confirming the user name, email address, and the temporary password to be used at the initial login that can later be changed.

Before being able to change the temporary password, the Terms & Conditions must be accepted if they haven't been already. If the Terms & Conditions have not yet been accepted, you will be asked to review and accept them upon signing in. All access levels can accept the Terms & Conditions. Once these have been accepted, you will not be asked to accept them again every time a new user login is created. 

 *For practices within a corporate group, please follow your group's support instructions.​