Retention Calendar FAQ

Retention Calendar FAQ

How are we doing on our Retention Calendar stats and what can we do to improve? 
Hospitals that do not use our service generally average 2-5% for bells and pawprints. Those that use our services, find themselves with compliance rates of 10-15%, with our best practices over 20%. Emails, Cell Phones, and Mailing Addresses we would hope to see updated at least 50% of the time. The more emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses you have correct in your system, the more communications will send to your clients.

You can view this report by clicking the Reports tab to the left of our system, then Retention Calendar Stats. The report automatically defaults to the past 7 days, but you can change this date if you would like. This is a great tool to watch the progress made from week to week.  

Is there a sense of how many extra appointments practices should be obtaining by satisfying paw prints? 
A goal would be to see an increase in revenue of about $1,000-$1,500/month per Full-Time Employee (FTE) Veterinarian at the practice. Not all pawprint satisfactions result in an appointment, and it can be very different from practice to practice.

Can I work back on the Retention Calendar to satisfy alerts?
No, you are not able to work back on the Retention Calendar to satisfy alerts. Alerts lock in place by midnight on the day the alert appeared on the appointment. Any changes after that time will not count in the totals. You can, however, and are encouraged to, work ahead in the Retention Calendar as this gives you more time to address alerts.

Why is the same pet on the Pawprint alert twice?
This means the pawprint alert was satisfied and then it was not. For example, the patient on the pawprint had either an appointment created or updates made to their reminders which satisfied the pawprint, but then you made changes (added a new upcoming reminder/rescheduled the appointment to a new date more than 7 weeks from now) which creates a new pawprint to appear. Both pawprints will count towards your statistic.

Why does one of our clients show a Missing/Invalid Email alert on their Client Details page but not on the Retention Calendar?

New clients or walk-in appointments do not trigger alerts. Our Retention Calendar alerts are set up to notify you of alerts, before the appointment time, so that action can be taken before or when the client comes in. If the client was not in your system and synced to AllyDVM, until after the appointment time, the alert would not have been generated. For example, if the appointment started at 3:00 pm, but we did not sync the appointment and client until 3:30 pm, our system would not have evaluated the email address until after the appointment started, so an alert would not have shown up on the Retention Calendar. To summarize, we will only create an alert for an appointment if the appointment is synced before the appointment time.
What is the logic for confirmations to show confirmed on the RC if multiple sources confirm them? 
  1. If an appointment is confirmed through AllyDVM, we will always keep our confirmation, even if the appointment was previously confirmed in the PIMS. 
  2. If the client confirmed via text then by email again or vice versa, we keep the first confirmation from our system.
  3. If the appointment is confirmed in the PIMS and after confirmed via email or text, we keep our confirmation. 
I turned the alert green on the Retention Calendar, why are my stats not changing?
The Retention Calendar Activities are best used to either show that a client denied services (by turning the alert red) or that a conversation was had with the client - maybe they are planning to bring in the records at their appointment so reminders can be updated (by turning the alert orange). The Retention Calendar Activities is used as an internal method of communication among staff members and does not count towards satisfying alerts. 
Can I delete a comment that someone previously left on an alert?
Comments on an alert cannot be removed.  This feature is in place in order to keep track of progress made to satisfy these alerts. 
How long do Retention Activities stay attached to alerts?
Retention Activities stay on an alert for 2 weeks after the notes are made. If a client comes in for an appointment today, rejects a pawprint and a note is made on the Retention Activities, when they come in for their appointment tomorrow you should see the notes made with the Retention Activity.
We recommend adding notes along with selecting a color for the alert so you know exactly what the client said.
If you click the Word Bubble () to the left of their name on the Retention Calendar, then click the (+) next to Recent Activity History, you can see any notes made along with a timestamp.
Do most practices omit doing reminder calls for appointments after obtaining sufficient emails/cell phone numbers to reach out to?  
Most clinics will send appointment reminders before they do their confirmation phone calls so if clients have confirmed through email or text, they do not need a reminder phone call. However, this is where we strongly recommend the 2-hour text before appointments that have not been confirmed.  This has helped so many clinics have fewer no-shows and clients running late.  Another great thing about the 2-hour text is that it catches same-day appointments! 
Can I send a direct message from the retention calendar? 
You can text or email a client directly from the RC by clicking on the cell phone icon () under the text column.
This is a great way to send a quick message to clients who are on the schedule for the day.