Patient details page

Patient details page

The Patient Details Page is similar to the Client Details Page except it is pulling all the information in your PMS regarding the patient. Our system pulls all information for active, inactive, and deceased patients, but we make sure to only communicate with the active patients.
On this page, you can view information such as patient information, alerts, medical reminders, prescriptions, appointments (past and future), all communications related to that patient, and the pet owner(s). 

To get to the Patient Details Page, you must first go into the client or owner of the patient by using the clients tab on the left-hand side or directly clicking on the client's name from the retention calendar. At the very bottom of the Client Details Page, you will see a list of the pets associated with this client. Click on the magnifying glass () to the left of the patient's name to open the Patient Details Page. 

Patient information: This section is where you can find the patient ID, their status (active, inactive, or deceased), species, sex,  birth date, and if reminders are suspended in your PMS for this patient. We also show the date that the patient was marked deceased in your PMS if they are labeled as so. There is an "upload photo" button that clients also have access to through the app and portal to upload a picture of their pet if they wish. If you ever need to update any of the patient information, it must first be done in your PMS and we will sync over the new changes. 

Alerts: This section show any alerts specific to this pet that need attention. At the top of the Patient Details Page, there is an area where you can disable alerts just for this patient, so if the client has other active pets, their alerts won't be disabled. 

Reminders: Reminders that are coming due within the next 30 days will appear orange in color. Reminders that are past due (or due today) appear red in color. 

Appointments: Past and future appointments can be seen under the appointments section.
If any appointment notes were put in when creating the appointment you can see them under the notes section.
  1. Clients will not be able to see the appointment notes from the app or portal.
  2. If an appointment is deleted in your PMS, the appointment will not show under this section. 
Prescriptions: A list of all the patient's prescriptions can be found under the prescription section. You can see the Rx name and the date it was filled.
  1. Clients have the option to request a refill from the app or online portal, and your clinic will be notified if there's a request in your AllyConnect account. 

Communications: A list of all communications regarding that specific patient can be found under the communications section in the Patient Details Page.
  1. Clicking on the eyeball icon () to the right of the communication allows you to view what was sent to the client.
  2. You can also view when the communication was delivered, and if it was opened or clicked. 
Owners: The final section of the Patient Details Page shows the owner(s) of the patient.
  1. By clicking on the magnifying glass () to the left of the client's name, it will take you back to the Client Details Page.