Filtering the Retention Calendar

Filtering the Retention Calendar

Applying a filter on the Retention Calendar allows you to select certain columns or appointment types that are of interest. These filters can be applied to each workstation. For example, if a technician only wants to view the surgical appointments for the day, all appointment types other than surgery can be hidden from view, leaving only the patients that are labeled with a surgical appointment type.

Start by clicking on the “Filter” button located below the Scorecard.
You can then click the tab for either “Appointment Types”, “Appointment Resources” or “Employees” to filter the Retention Calendar. 

From that tab, you can unselect all by clicking on the box to the left of the “Description”, and only select the specific types, resources, or employees that you would like to see.
The Search bar can be used to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve made your selections, click the blue “Filter” button at the bottom to show your selections on the Retention Calendar. The “Filter” button will turn green when a filter is being used. 

To remove the filter, click the checkbox again beside the “Description”.

  1. Alerts lock in place by midnight on the day of the pet's appointment. Any changes after that time will not count in your statistics. However, you CAN work ahead in the Retention Calendar to benefit your statistics as this gives you more time to address alerts.
  2. You can work on pawprint alerts as far in the future as you would like as long as the appointment to satisfy the pawprint is created before the pawprint appointment happens.
  3. That appointment must be scheduled to occur within 7 weeks of the original appointment the pawprint appears on.