After installation, what are the next steps?

After installation, what are the next steps?

Once the AllyDVM sync software has been installed, your next steps are to set up your communications and train your staff. We want to help!

You need to schedule two training sessions. We will host a live virtual training with one of our Onboarding and Training Specialists during both meetings.

The Retention Calendar training is for your staff and anyone who will be monitoring progress. The training takes about an hour, and we will walk you through everything on the Retention Calendar and best practices to help you identify and capitalize on your available opportunities.

The Communications Kickoff meeting takes an hour and a half. Participants would be anyone who will be updating or changing the content of the automatic communications that will be sent out (appointment reminder emails, medical reminders, and others) or anyone who will be making decisions about which communications will be used. In this meeting, we will help you set up and customize your communications to your practice.

You should receive these links in your email once AllyDVM has been installed. If you are installed and have yet to receive your links or have questions, please email  *For practices within a corporate group, please follow your group's support instructions.

We look forward to partnering with you!